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LinkedIn – Now You Can Show Your Heart Work!

You’ve shown your life work on your profile. Now you can share your HEART work. LinkedIn has added a new section called, “Volunteer Experience and Causes.” This is helpful on a few levels. First, it allows you another way to show volunteer work you have participated or are currently participating in. Second, it allows you to receive recommendations from those you have worked with within your volunteer job. Third, it gives you the opportunity to show your prospective employers that you have more depth than just working and going home to chill on the couch with a beer in hand. Employers are really big on community service these days.

Here’s a little suggestion, though: be careful not to post anything that might preclude you from being considered. If you are an activist with an animal rights group, you might not want to show that if you’re applying to a dairy or meat-packing company. Ok, that was a gross example. But you get my point, right? Also, if you have really strong views that come across as confrontational or that are generally deemed controversial, you might consider withholding that cause from your LinkedIn profile. Just a thought.

So, HOW do you add this section? Open LinkedIn in your browser. Hover over the tab called, “Profile.” Click on “Edit Profile.” Scroll down just below your “Top Box,” which is the box at the top of your profile with what LinkedIn considers your most vital information. You will see an option called, “Add sections to reflect achievements and experiences on your profile.” Next to that you’ll see a green plus sign and the words, “Add Section.” Click that. This dialog box will pop up:

To the left, you’ll see a list of sections. Scroll down to “Volunteer Experiences and Causes,” and click on it. It will appear in your profile, ready to add your information. You can move this section to where ever you want it after the “Top Box.” Moving sections is done by first hovering over the title bar for the section you want to move. You should see a cross-hatch with arrows at all four ends. This means LinkedIn is ready to move the section. Next, just click and drag the section to where you want it.

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