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Word: Outline mode

Hi Friends!

This tip is really just a preemptive piece of advice. It will save you a lot of trouble! If anyone has a better way to do this PLEASE do share. My poor friend had a heck of a time trying to convert an old soft copy of a 25-page document to outline numbering with his specific tab spacings. He ended up just manually numbering his document. I tried to help, but Word kept messing up the tab spacing. Very frustrating.

The Cardinal Rule of Outline Numbering is set it up before you even get started!! I can’t emphasize this enough. I have had this issue before with another long document that I “inherited.” The best you can do when you have a preexisting document (if it sounds like an illness, it IS – at least in this case!) is to open a new word document and set up your outline style just the way you want it. You will have to format every level you think you might ever end up going to. Usually an outline won’t indent more than 5 or 6 times:

Have a better solution? I’m hoping so! Please comment, if you do.

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