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Formulas in Word 2007

Hi Friends!

Today’s tip came out of another friend of mine asking me about something they didn’t know how to do. Actually, she knew how to do it in Word 2003. So did I. But I didn’t know how to do it right there on the spot, so I did some homework. Now YOU will benefit from the question being asked.

The question: “How do I add numbers in Word?” – not the exact words. It’s pretty easy.

1.    Just create a table, enter the values, then click on the destination cell for your formula.

2.   Click on the “Layout” tab that shows up above the Ribbon when your cursor is within the table.

3.   Click on “Formulas” at the far right end of the Ribbon.

4.   “Sum” is the default formula (you CAN select another formula in the drop-down called “Paste function”). Since we’re talking about adding figures, just click “Ok.” And there you have your total!

It’s that simple. Now for a little note to the contrary: This scenario is the simplistic, perfect-world scenario. You have the ability to create your own formula using cell locators (B1:B3 means cells in column B, rows 1 – 3), or functions +, -, *, and  /. You can also do compound formulas like (sum(above))*2) meaning add all the values above and multiply by 2. But now you’re probably getting glassy-eyed and getting distracted. Am I right?

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Excel Formula Check

Hi friends!

When your spreadsheet has formulas, it’s easy for unexpected problems to occur within your formulas, particularly if you copy and paste or autofill your formulas. This tip is one way to get a clear visual of what’s happening with any given formula.

Double-click on the cell you want to check. The formula will appear in the formula bar, but looking at it in its resident cell, you can see each cell reference is a different color. A1 is blue, A2 is green, and C3 is purple.

In my graphic, you can see that cell C3 has nothing in it. I really wanted that to be A3 instead. A quick, easy fix for that is to click and drag the purple box up to C3. Hit enter.

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