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Excel: Loan Repayment Worksheet

Hi Friends!

I created a new page here on my blog. I’m planning on creating a new page for each of several projects. Most will be in Excel. The current project (May 2011) is a Loan Repayment Worksheet. Today, we just set up the interest rates table to calculate monthly and daily rates based on a yearly interest rate.

To follow along, go to the menu bar at the top of this page, and click “Loan Repayment – Special Project.”

Hope you enjoy it!


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Excel Formula Check

Hi friends!

When your spreadsheet has formulas, it’s easy for unexpected problems to occur within your formulas, particularly if you copy and paste or autofill your formulas. This tip is one way to get a clear visual of what’s happening with any given formula.

Double-click on the cell you want to check. The formula will appear in the formula bar, but looking at it in its resident cell, you can see each cell reference is a different color. A1 is blue, A2 is green, and C3 is purple.

In my graphic, you can see that cell C3 has nothing in it. I really wanted that to be A3 instead. A quick, easy fix for that is to click and drag the purple box up to C3. Hit enter.

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Excel: Converting Formulas to Static Values

Hi Friends!

You have a spreadsheet that’s full of formulas, and you need to share the results with others. You might not want to throw confusion in by leaving your formulas in the cells. You might also not want them to be able to change the formulas, accidentally (or on purpose). Yes, that can be managed with security settings, but this is another way.

Converting formulas to values is simple. Right click on the cell, select copy. Right click again, hit “Paste Special,” then select “Values.” OR, if you have Excel 2007 or 2010, make sure you’re on the home tab (circled below). Select your target cells or just hold “Ctrl” and hit A to select the entire worksheet.

1.   Click on “Copy”

2.   Click the down-arrow under “Paste”

3.   Click “Paste Values.”

Yes, it’s that easy!

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Using Excel in Word

Hi Friends!

Today’s tip is about using Excel in MS Word. Of course you can copy and paste an existing spreadsheet into a Word document, but you can also create a spreadsheet from scratch. As you may know Word tables don’t do calculations, so if you need to do calculations and you want the numbers to format correctly, insert an Excel “object.”

1.   In Word, click the Insert tab.

2.   Click on “Object”

3.   A menu box will open from which you will choose one of the Excel options. I selected the 2007, Binary workbook.

4.   Up pops an edit-ready worksheet, like this:

(I put those words in the example.)

When you click outside the table, it looks like this and cannot be modified as long as it looks this way:

To get back to editing your spreadsheet, just double-click inside the spreadsheet area.

Have fun with that!

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Excel: Linking Worksheets

Hello Friends!

Today’s tip is about linking cells in Excel. This is pretty cool AND easy. All you have to do is type the = sign in the destination cell, then navigate to the location of the data you want linked. Click on the cell you want linked, and hit “Enter.” Presto! It’s done! Now any time you change the value of the linked cell, the destination cell will change with it.

You can link to cells in another workbook, but whenever you make changes in the original cell, the other workbook needs to be open as well. If it’s not, you’ll have to remember to refresh data when you do open the destination workbook next. It’s likely you will get an alert about links being disabled. Just click “enable” to update the data.

To link to a cell in another workbook, open that other workbook. When you type the = sign in the destination cell, navigate to the cell you want linked from the other workbook, click on it, and hit “enter.” Again, Presto!  It’s DONE! Here’s a sample formula like the one you will see “just appear”:

Thanks for stopping by! Let me know if I can help you with this further.

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