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Excel: Loan Repayment Worksheet

Hi Friends!

I created a new page here on my blog. I’m planning on creating a new page for each of several projects. Most will be in Excel. The current project (May 2011) is a Loan Repayment Worksheet. Today, we just set up the interest rates table to calculate monthly and daily rates based on a yearly interest rate.

To follow along, go to the menu bar at the top of this page, and click “Loan Repayment – Special Project.”

Hope you enjoy it!


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Using Excel in Word

Hi Friends!

Today’s tip is about using Excel in MS Word. Of course you can copy and paste an existing spreadsheet into a Word document, but you can also create a spreadsheet from scratch. As you may know Word tables don’t do calculations, so if you need to do calculations and you want the numbers to format correctly, insert an Excel “object.”

1.   In Word, click the Insert tab.

2.   Click on “Object”

3.   A menu box will open from which you will choose one of the Excel options. I selected the 2007, Binary workbook.

4.   Up pops an edit-ready worksheet, like this:

(I put those words in the example.)

When you click outside the table, it looks like this and cannot be modified as long as it looks this way:

To get back to editing your spreadsheet, just double-click inside the spreadsheet area.

Have fun with that!

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