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LinkedIn – Now You Can Show Your Heart Work!

You’ve shown your life work on your profile. Now you can share your HEART work. LinkedIn has added a new section called, “Volunteer Experience and Causes.” This is helpful on a few levels. First, it allows you another way to show volunteer work you have participated or are currently participating in. Second, it allows you to receive recommendations from those you have worked with within your volunteer job. Third, it gives you the opportunity to show your prospective employers that you have more depth than just working and going home to chill on the couch with a beer in hand. Employers are really big on community service these days.

Here’s a little suggestion, though: be careful not to post anything that might preclude you from being considered. If you are an activist with an animal rights group, you might not want to show that if you’re applying to a dairy or meat-packing company. Ok, that was a gross example. But you get my point, right? Also, if you have really strong views that come across as confrontational or that are generally deemed controversial, you might consider withholding that cause from your LinkedIn profile. Just a thought.

So, HOW do you add this section? Open LinkedIn in your browser. Hover over the tab called, “Profile.” Click on “Edit Profile.” Scroll down just below your “Top Box,” which is the box at the top of your profile with what LinkedIn considers your most vital information. You will see an option called, “Add sections to reflect achievements and experiences on your profile.” Next to that you’ll see a green plus sign and the words, “Add Section.” Click that. This dialog box will pop up:

To the left, you’ll see a list of sections. Scroll down to “Volunteer Experiences and Causes,” and click on it. It will appear in your profile, ready to add your information. You can move this section to where ever you want it after the “Top Box.” Moving sections is done by first hovering over the title bar for the section you want to move. You should see a cross-hatch with arrows at all four ends. This means LinkedIn is ready to move the section. Next, just click and drag the section to where you want it.

I hope this post was meaningful for you. Please comment and/or subscribe!


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iTunes’ Get Info – Make It Awesome!

Hi Friends!

Have you ever explored the various columns you can add to your iTunes Library list? I saw the “Comments” column and went on a quest to find out how to add a comment and found the “Get Info” box. Wow! You can edit a few key fields there. You can even edit the name of the song, artist, genre, and more on the info tab (pictured below). If you’re a runner or like to walk, work out, or ride to upbeat tempos, you can add the beats per minute (BPM). You can make comments that will help trigger your memory or give you a customized field you can sort by in the library list view. For me, my comments will help me remember what songs I want to learn on guitar. My comment there is “repertoire” or “guitar.” It’s YOUR  field, do with it what you will.

To go to the dialog box below in iTunes:

1.   Click on a song

2.   Click on “File”

3.   Go about half way down the drop-down list to “Get Info” and this box will pop up:

Maybe you already checked out the tabs available, but I, myself, LOVE the idea that I can have the lyrics available on iTunes, so I don’t have to go look them up on the Internet.

Have fun with this! It’s almost 2 AM and I’ve had a blast with it!!

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Creating Your Own “Button”

Hi Friends!

This tip is for Outlook, PowerPoint, or Word. I’m not sure what other programs it will work in. It works if your recipient will read an electronic (soft) copy, rather than a hard copy (for obvious reasons).

Basically, you’ll copy a logo for your link. In this case I’m going to choose LinkedIn. Then you’ll associate a hyperlink to that logo. In this case I’ll associate my LinkedIn page to the LinkedIn logo. Here’s how it’s done:

1.   Go to and click “Images”

2.   Enter “LinkedIn” in the search box and hit enter

3.   Choose your favorite logo for LinkedIn and click on it to open it in its largest form

4.   Right-click and select “Copy Image from the resulting list”

5.   Go to you document (e-mail, slide, or Word document) and hold “Ctrl” and tap “V” to paste.

6.   Resize as needed.

Now we’re going to save your hyperlink in your documents.

1.   Go to your LinkedIn profile and find “Public Profile”

2.   Right-click on the URL (circled above) to the right of “Public Profile”

3.   Click “Save link as…”

4.   At this point you will see a file saving screen pop up. Save it in a place and as a name you will remember easily.

Now go to your document (e-mail, slide, or Word document)

1.   Right-click on the logo you pasted and choose “Hyperlink”

2.   Navigate to the URL you saved in LinkedIn and double-click it.

Your logo/icon is now a hyperlinked button! (Make sure you test it before you send it along though.)

Thanks for stopping by!

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Take Screenshots of your iPhone!

Hi Friends!

If you saw my post from two days ago, you probably noticed I used screenshots of my iPhone. This is a fun feature, particularly if you play games that show huge scores. (This will be the quickest little tip yet!) All you have to do is push the power button and the dented button under the screen.

Thanks for stopping by!

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iTunes: Deleting Apps from Your iPhone

Hi Friends!

For those of you who saw yesterday’s tip, you know it was on how to delete apps from your iPhone itself. Today, I’ll help you manage them on your iTunes. Here we go:

1.   Plug your iPhone into your computer and open iTunes.

2.   Click on your phone under “Devices.”

3.   You will see a tab called “Apps,” circle #1. Click on that. Here is what you’ll see (minus the red circles and arrows, of course!)

4.   Uncheck the boxes to the left of the list on the left side of the apps window (circle #2) OR tap the black “X” to the left of the app’s icon on the right half of the app window (circle #3). Note: if you accidentally remove the app from the icon side of the screen, it will just uncheck it from the list side. You don’t lose it permanently. Just re-check the checkbox on the list side of the window.

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Getting Rid of Apps on iPhone

Hi Friends,

If you have apps on your iPhone you don’t like or want anymore, it’s easy to get rid of them on your iPhone. You’ll also want to make sure they don’t jump back on your phone when you sync with iTunes.

To delete apps from your iPhone:

1.   Touch any app icon for about 3 seconds or so. Your icons will start moving and each one will have a tiny black “X” in the upper left corner of the icon – all except the default icons anyway. We’ll talk about that tomorrow.

2.   Just touch the “X” on the app you want to delete. A box pops up and asks if you want to delete this app.

3.   Hit “Delete” if you’re sure that’s what you want to do.

Now, hopefully you’re the kind of person that syncs their iPhone pretty regularly, because if you do, you’re apps will all be in your iTunes. If you change your mind and want that app back, you can sync it back to your phone. That will be covered in tomorrow’s tip.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Shazam and iTunes – Create a Killer Library!

Hi Friends,

Today’s tip is on one of my favorite techie things EVER! Shazam working with iTunes to help me build my Music Library.

First, you need to be working with these phones (from

Then you need to have an iTunes account with some credit associated with it. I like to buy iTunes cards to keep from going too hog-wild buying tunes, but you can connect your bank card or credit card if you dare.

Now, download the Shazam app to your phone (process varies by phone). Once you’ve done that, Let the fun begin!

Anytime you hear a song you like, navigate to your Shazam icon on your phone, and tap it:

Let it do it’s thing for about 30 seconds. First it “Listens” to the music which, by the way, doesn’t have to be playing very loud. Next it goes and searches the music database for the song. If it finds it, and it usually does, it returns the name of the song AND the Artist. It will also show you all the things Shazam can do for you. This tip only applies to how Shazam can help you build your Music Library, so for now I’ll focus on the iTune option.

If you decide you want to buy that song, you tap the iTunes button:

Shazam then takes you through a verification process to get to your iTunes account and purchase the song. This can happen from Shazam tap to purchase close in about 45-60 seconds! I find that fascinating.  I love when I’m traveling by car, hear a song on the radio I’ve never heard and I like it, Shazam it, iTunes it, and my library grows while I’m on the road!

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