Our Services


When I tell people what I do, I almost always get this response: “I could definitely use some help with that! Do you know <insert software application here>?” Most of the applications people use are Microsoft products. But I also can help you learn how to navigate your computer, organize your files for easy backup, navigate the Internet, AND get yourself out on the Social Networks. I work with businesses as well as individuals.


This is where I get to utilize the creative more than the logical side. I love creating slide decks that dazzle, keep people ready for the next point, wake up tired minds to hear what you, the presenter, have to say. I’ve been doing this for 12 years now, but that doesn’t mean I know exactly what YOU envision for your PowerPoint slides. I just know how to make it happen. Note: this is almost always content-ready. My job here is design, not content. If you need content, I can provide that under a different section of my business.

Business is not the only place to use PowerPoint slide shows. It’s perfect for celebrations such as weddings, anniversaries, retirement parties, and for Memorial tributes.


I am able to provide assistance with any of your delegable office tasks. Remember, this is “on the cloud.”  If you need office assistance on a project basis, this is your best choice. We do research, data entry, data anaysis (Excel – including Pivot Tables), make travel arrangements, manage calendars, transcribe meetings, notes, and more. Just ask, we’ll give you our honest yes, we can or no, we can’t.

If you need help with a person in-office, you need to live in the greater Sacramento area.

FIRST TIME CLIENT PRICING – all fees are pre-paid via PayPal

Training   $30/hour for one person         $20/hour for two or more       discounts for the organizer of groups sessions

PowerPoint slide deck creations     $20/hour

Virtual Assistance charged hourly depending on the project

Comment here or e-mail me at michelle_hamilton@live.com


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