PowerPoint: Sound for ONE Slide, Several Animations

Hi Friends!

Well, I stumped myself today and, of course, I must always get to the bottom of it or I can’t rest. Here’s the story:

While working on a PowerPoint presentation, my client and I decided to illustrate the skills it takes to successfully enjoy a whitewater kayaking expedition on one PowerPoint slide. She had about 8 words to list; and instead of listing them, I thought it’d be cool to have each word fade in and out individually. She came up with the idea of adding a rushing river sound to it. GREAT! That was an awesome idea!! So, I showed her how to add sound and make it start automatically when that slide came up. It would end when the slide changed.

Ok…but the words wouldn’t animate. For some unknown (at that moment) reason, the animation was hanging up at the sound byte. Now YOU get to benefit from my stumped-ness!

1.   Add your sound byte, by going to the Insert tab, clicking on “Sound,” and then “Sound from file.” Then navigate to your sound and double click it. Answer the pop-up box by clicking “Automatic.”

2.   Check the option boxes, “Hide during show” and “Loop until stopped.”

3.   Click the Animations tab and select “Custom animation” (2007) or “Animation Pane” (2010).

4.   Click on the sound byte in the Animation pane, and then click the down-arrow (1 below).

5.   Select “Effect Options.” (Arrow 2)

6.   About half way down that first screen, you’ll see the section called “Stop playing.”Click the radio button called “After _____ slides” and make sure the blank says 1.
7.   Click “Ok.”
Test it by clicking the slide show icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
Thanks for stopping by!

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