iTunes: Deleting Apps from Your iPhone

Hi Friends!

For those of you who saw yesterday’s tip, you know it was on how to delete apps from your iPhone itself. Today, I’ll help you manage them on your iTunes. Here we go:

1.   Plug your iPhone into your computer and open iTunes.

2.   Click on your phone under “Devices.”

3.   You will see a tab called “Apps,” circle #1. Click on that. Here is what you’ll see (minus the red circles and arrows, of course!)

4.   Uncheck the boxes to the left of the list on the left side of the apps window (circle #2) OR tap the black “X” to the left of the app’s icon on the right half of the app window (circle #3). Note: if you accidentally remove the app from the icon side of the screen, it will just uncheck it from the list side. You don’t lose it permanently. Just re-check the checkbox on the list side of the window.


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