PowerPoint – Creating Your Own Pictures

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A picture says a thousand words, so they say. But you can help that conversation in PowerPoint. I frequently use screenshots (see my article on that at http://cybersavvyservices.com/2011/03/25/screenshots-snipets-and-snapshots/), and I like to mark them up with circles and arrows. Of course you can layer and group graphics together, but did you know you can save them as one picture? Then you can insert that picture in any document, share it on the Web, Facebook, or wherever you’d like.

Here’s how I do it. Once I’ve grouped my graphics (select all the elements, and there are a few ways to do that), I right-click on the graphic I want to save, and select “Save as picture.”

It will save it as a .PNG file, but it works in most picture applications such as those I mentioned in my introductory paragraph.

Play around with that. It’s pretty handy!

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