Excel: Converting Formulas to Static Values

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You have a spreadsheet that’s full of formulas, and you need to share the results with others. You might not want to throw confusion in by leaving your formulas in the cells. You might also not want them to be able to change the formulas, accidentally (or on purpose). Yes, that can be managed with security settings, but this is another way.

Converting formulas to values is simple. Right click on the cell, select copy. Right click again, hit “Paste Special,” then select “Values.” OR, if you have Excel 2007 or 2010, make sure you’re on the home tab (circled below). Select your target cells or just hold “Ctrl” and hit A to select the entire worksheet.

1.   Click on “Copy”

2.   Click the down-arrow under “Paste”

3.   Click “Paste Values.”

Yes, it’s that easy!

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2 responses to “Excel: Converting Formulas to Static Values

  1. You can also use the shortcut key ALT+E+S+V and enter to paste a formula as value.

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