Word: Create Your Own Default Style

Hi Friends!

Don’t like the default “Style” in Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010? This tip will help you with that.

Word 2007 and 2010 have Styles that you can choose from on the Ribbon. You can see the rest of Microsoft’s styles by clicking the dash/down-arrow (red circle below):

If you don’t like any of those styles, right-click on the one that is closest to what you want. A box will pop up from which you need to select “Modify.”

When you click “Modify,” another box will pop up called the “Modify Style.” I’ve boxed around the various changes you can make.

The changes in box 2 are standard format changes – font changes, alignment, line spacing, indents. The arrow with the 3 next to it points to an alternative option to a one-time use of the new style. More format options are available by clicking on “Format” (arrow 4). Another box will pop up giving you the areas you can modify:

To make this the new default, follow these steps:

1.   Make sure the newly created Style is highlighted.

2.   Click “Change Styles” (not the down arrow)

3.   Select “Set as default”

You’re done!

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