Posting a Resumé on LinkedIn

Hi Friends!

I give workshops on LinkedIn and one of the most common questions is, “How do I upload my resumé?” There are two answers for that question. The first will only work IF your profile is not already 100% complete.  Click on “Profile,” then “Edit Profile.” You will see a link on the right side of your screen that says, “Import your resumé to complete your profile quickly.” Note: this  “Import your resumé” on your profile page is actually a link. When you click it, you will be directed to browse to your resumé. LinkedIn pulls in key information from your resumé and places it in your profile. You will want to look over the information in your profile (“View Profile tab), and make sure you’re satisfied with the result. It’s not a perfect application.

Is your profile already at 100%, or would you like to post the actual resumé? You will need to add the application called “” under the “More” tab. I started to write all the steps to complete this process, but it would be too long. If you want help with this, please use my request for services form on the “Our Services” tab. I will direct you to pre-pay via my Paypal link, it will be $20.

Thank you for stopping by!


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