Shazam and iTunes – Create a Killer Library!

Hi Friends,

Today’s tip is on one of my favorite techie things EVER! Shazam working with iTunes to help me build my Music Library.

First, you need to be working with these phones (from

Then you need to have an iTunes account with some credit associated with it. I like to buy iTunes cards to keep from going too hog-wild buying tunes, but you can connect your bank card or credit card if you dare.

Now, download the Shazam app to your phone (process varies by phone). Once you’ve done that, Let the fun begin!

Anytime you hear a song you like, navigate to your Shazam icon on your phone, and tap it:

Let it do it’s thing for about 30 seconds. First it “Listens” to the music which, by the way, doesn’t have to be playing very loud. Next it goes and searches the music database for the song. If it finds it, and it usually does, it returns the name of the song AND the Artist. It will also show you all the things Shazam can do for you. This tip only applies to how Shazam can help you build your Music Library, so for now I’ll focus on the iTune option.

If you decide you want to buy that song, you tap the iTunes button:

Shazam then takes you through a verification process to get to your iTunes account and purchase the song. This can happen from Shazam tap to purchase close in about 45-60 seconds! I find that fascinating.  I love when I’m traveling by car, hear a song on the radio I’ve never heard and I like it, Shazam it, iTunes it, and my library grows while I’m on the road!

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