MS Word 2007, 2010 Issues with Opening

Hi Friends!

Today’s tip will help you with issues regarding the ability to open Word documents sent to you or by you via e-mail or via disk, flash drive, or other means. This will be a quick and painless tip. If you are getting attachments that end in .docx and you can’t open them, these are from Word 2007 or later. You probably have an older version of Word that will not be able to open them, unless your e-mail server provides you the option to “View Online” or some sort of similar phrase. You will need to let the sender know that you have an older version and ask them to save it as an older version. Here is how that is done (in case YOU are the sender of the .docx files – sounds like it should be a movie – “The Doc X-Files”):

Instead of hitting the “Save” icon, click the Office Icon in the upper left corner of your word screen (arrow #1, in the 2007 version). Hover your mouse over “Save As” (arrow #2). A list will slide out to offer various versions, where you will select Word 97-2003 Document OR you can save it as a PDF in the same slide out window:

Bonus tip: you may want to save it with “03” added to the end, so you can immediately see that it’s the older format.

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