PowerPoint – adding sound

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Today we’re working in PowerPoint – adding sound. For the purpose of this tip, I’m going to be adding music so you can see how to make it span multiple slides. We’re working in Office 2007, but 2010 will take the same steps.

Open PowerPoint – either an existing presentation, or a new one. If you’re opening a new one, add 2-4 new slides. You don’t have to put any content on them. We just need slides.

To add music, click the Insert tab. At the right end of the Ribbon (Office 2007: The Ribbon), you’ll see the Sound button. Click the down arrow to tell PowerPoint where to find the sound.

Select “Sound from File.” Windows Explorer window will pop up, so you can navigate to the file you want. (Hopefully, you have at least one song that is in a proper “Sound Format. Microsoft lists the acceptable file types when you click the down arrow next to “Sound Files near the bottom the explorer window.) Once you select your sound file, a little box pops up asking if you want the sound to play at a mouse click or automatically when the slide opens. Click either one; you will have the option to change it when the sound Ribbon comes up:

This Ribbon holds your options for how to handle the sound. This is where you can change the “automatic” and “click” option you just made. But this menu offers one more choice – Play across slides, which I am choosing:

Anytime you decide to make changes to your sound, you can do that quickly by clicking the sound icon on your slide. The Sound Tools ribbon will appear.

Watch for a future post about creating slide transitions. If you want a slide show to last the entire length of  a song, and no more, you will need to control the amount of time each slide shows. Stay tuned!

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  1. Great instructions. I hope to use this in the future!

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