iTunes – Switching Columns in Music View


Hello Friends!

When you open your music library in iTunes, iTunes has a default table that it shows. It has several columns, all of which are labeled such as Name, Artist, Genre, Album, etc. If you’re like me, you don’t care about most of the other columns I didn’t mention in the previous sentence. iTunes has provided us some control there.

Open your iTunes music library. The figure below shows the link that can be found near the top of the iTunes window, left side.

You’ll notice the columns right away, but look at the names across the top of them. You’ll need to right-click somewhere in that column header row, like this figure below. I placed the arrow there to indicate where I right-clicked. You can click anywhere in that row and it will still work.

Here is the list of possible columns you could add. The ones with check marks are the ones I’m using right now. I can uncheck any of them to remove the column OR I could check some that aren’t checked to add them. Notice that there is a down arrow at the bottom of the list. That’s because there wasn’t enough space on the screen for the whole list. The arrow allows you to scroll for more options.

Once you’ve selected your column headers, you can re-arrange them. Just left-click in that header row. Hold the button and drag the column where you want it. The figure below shows me moving the “Album” column. The dark gray column shows you where your dragged column will land when you let go of your mouse button.

I’d love to know if this was an “Aha” for you! Comment below. While you’re at it let me know what you’d like a tip to be about (tech-y stuff, please?).

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