Facebook and Twitter vs. LinkedIn

Greetings Friends!

Today, I hope to get a little friendly exchange, because today’s tip is about the major differences between Facebook and Twitter as they compare to LinkedIn. I personally am on all three, but I’m not a huge Twitter-lover. If you like Twitter more than Facebook or LinkedIn, sell me on it! My viewers may also be wondering what you see in it. If you love another Social Networking site, share! I’m all ears!

To me, the ultimate purpose of Facebook and Twitter are similar, whereas the ultimate purpose of LinkedIn is not. Maybe a better way to frame this would be to say the three sites are only three of many siblings. Each have the same basic DNA components, yet each has its own distinct personality and “bent” or focus.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and myriad other such sites have their roots in the idea of making social connections; hence the label, “Social Networking Sites.” You can find your friends, past connections, and make new connections. Once a link is established, you will be able to keep tabs on what’s going on in the lives of your connections based on how often your friends post and what they post.

With sites like Facebook and Twitter, you can post pictures and view those others post. You can also “check in” from a location, so people know where you are at a specific time. I’m sure the more private types are cringing at THAT one! Rest assured, you don’t HAVE to do anything! :0)  Facebook has zillions of games and applications to play (a huge time-waster if you get too involved or addicted, like I’ve done in the past).

LinkedIn is considered a PROFESSIONAL social networking site. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter all allow you to link with interest groups and businesses. The main difference with LinkedIn is that the user’s purpose is business. In this economy and with massive unemployment, LinkedIn has become one of the foremost sites for unemployed to get their resumé seen on THEIR terms. Not only that, but users can project their expertise onto this platform to be seen by headhunters and employers around the world. The power is in the USERS’ hands!

Facebook and similar sites can be used the same way as LinkedIn where it comes to the individual’s profile, but the other professional focuses are not as well-known. Companies are recognizing more and more the power of social networking, and Facebook is more of a “check” for balance and loyalty than a go-to site for headhunting.

The opinions expressed here are just that. I welcome respectful debate, so bring it on! I can’t wait to see what I’m missing!!

Thanks for stopping by. Share your comments below this post and check back often!


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