Screenshots, snipets, and snapshots

Hi Friends! Today’s tip is on capturing all or a portion of your computer screen. There are a number of programs out that do this, but you already have a quick way to take a full screenshot. Look for the button on your computer that has “prt sc” on it. That’s short for “print screen.” Mine has two functions on the key, but the “prt sc” has a box around it. This tells me I have to hold down the “fn” key (function key), in order to perform that function. This action puts the current screen on the computers clipboard. Now I can paste it into a document, slide, or e-mail (in Outlook). Some computers you hold the “ctrl” (control) key then push the “prt sc” to copy it.

Another way to do screen shots is to use a program. Many computers now have a “Snipping Tool” already installed in the “Accessories” folder. Click on the Round start button at the lower left corner of your screen. Select “All Programs.” Navigate to the  “Accessories” folder, and click “Snipping Tool.”

Here is the box that will pop up. You will need to click “New” to select the area you wish to capture.

This tool is better than the “prt sc” method, because you have the option to select just that part of the screen you want. With the “prt sc” option, you would have to use the cropping tool to crop out stuff you don’t want. However, I had to use the “prt sc” method to capture the screen above, because when I use the mouse, the start window closes!

Another program that is a free download is “Jing.” I like Jing because you can label your clips. Figure 1 is with the Snipping Tool, which is probably already on your computer. Figure 2 is with Jing, which you will need to download from

Hope this helps you! Thanks for stopping by. See you tomorrow, I hope.


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