Excel: Making Good Use of Sheet Tabs

Hello Friends!

Today I’ll be talking about the Sheet Tabs at the bottom of the screen in Excel. They say “Sheet 1,” Sheet 2,” and “Sheet 3,” until you change the names or delete them. I’m going to show you your options and talk about the different ways to change the names on each tab.

Here’s how the tabs look untouched:

One method of changing the tab name is to double-click the tab and when the current name is highlighted (Figure 1, below), just type the new name (no need to hit “delete”). The other method is to right-click the tab you wish to rename, and click on “rename” in the pop-up menu (Figure 2, below). The current name will become highlighted, and you can then type the new name.

Notice that the same pop-up menu offers “delete.” Deleting any unused tabs makes your workbook cleaner. How’s that for a little bonus tip?

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