PowerPoint: Design Themes

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Today’s tip is about customizing slide designs in PowerPoint. Microsoft has offered a few design templates on the design tab (in versions 2007 and 2010) and even more template designs online. But sometimes we will have different colors in mind, maybe we don’t like the font in the template and the effect. Good news! We can change all of those to suit our own purposes!

This tip is only about changing the colors, in order to keep it short and sweet. Here is a picture of the “Themes” portion of the design ribbon (the band that shows when you’ve selected the design tab):

These are just some of the themes you can choose. For the rest of them you would use the down arrow or the dash plus down arrow, which shows all the themes:

The little squares near the bottom of each sample slide shown will not be on the slides. Those are to show you the colors that come with that theme. Some represent the bullet color, others represent background, font color for title and body. We want to use this theme (above), but not these colors. So we go to the right of all the sample slides, to where we see “Colors.” You will see the list of existing themes and the various colors associated with them, but below that you will see “Create new theme colors.”

Click on “Create new theme colors,” and you will see this screen (minus the red arrows and boxes, of course):

Notice you can now see all the same colors as the little boxes I spoke of earlier, but now you know what details they are associated with – at least by name, anyway. To change your theme colors, you will use the down arrows next to each item (arrow #1). Experiment with this, and have fun with it. When you have a theme you like, be sure and name it (arrow #2).  Here is how I played with the color theme:

This is only a first pass. You can see that some of the bullets didn’t come through very clearly, but I actually created the bullets so I could see what it would look like every time I change something on our pallet list.

Hope this will be a fun thing for you to experiment with!

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