MS Word Tip: Aligning bullets and spacing

Welcome, Friends! Sometimes, if you’ve copied and pasted bullets from another document, you might find a need to re-adjust tabs because they’re not even with other lines as they should. One example might be with bullet points, like this:

The most visual way to check the placement of tabs is by pulling up the ruler. Go to the View tab, and check the box before “Ruler,” as shown here:

Once the ruler is in place (right under the blue band, in 2007 versions), click on each bullet. The ruler will have little indicators to tell you where the tabs for each bullet are. The red arrows in the figures below are showing how the indicators line up with either the bullet itself or the beginning of text in that line. Note that you must have your cursor on ONE bullet to see the indicators for that line.

Now we’re ready to fix the unevenness of the bullets and indents. Let’s just say, for the sake of this example, that we want the format of the top bullet. The absolute simplest way to do that would be to use your Format Painter;  HOWEVER, it’s not always that simple. Sometimes, you might have bullets later in the document that for whatever reason are not the same format – maybe a different font, different font color, size, whatever. Now the Format Painter won’t help you. This is where the indicators on the ruler will come in handy.

The indicators in the ruler can be dragged to where you want them. Highlight the bullets you want to fix, and “force” the indicators into place by clicking on them and dragging them. Go ahead! Try it!!

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