Phone alternative?

Recently, I spent two months at a house with no cell signal. (We don’t really need to get into what service I have – haha!) Luckily, I knew of an alternative – Skype! It’s a free download and I was able to talk to my nephew in the Philippines and my sister in Alaska, as well as my local friends and Sacramento area friends – for FREE, mind you. As long as your contact is also on Skype, and you’re calling computer to computer, it’s free.

Ironic thing about that – when my computer doesn’t have Internet, I use my iPhone Internet connection! Don’tcha just LOVE technology? I know I do!

You know them newfangled video phones they’re selling for $500? Well, Skype does video phone calling for just, ummm, well… IT’S FREE TOO! You just need a webcam, and most of the new computers have them already built in. Pretty sweet, right? Yep!

Here’s the link:

Have fun! Write if you want to add me as a contact on Skype.

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