PowerPoint: Slide masters

Hello Friends! Today, we will work with PowerPoint. Why use slide masters? Maybe you want the same background and/or graphic on every slide. Maybe you want to modify a template that you like, but it isn’t EXACTLY what you want. Master slide saves you the hassle of modifying every slide in your presentation. Even when using slide master, you CAN still modify individual slides as needed.

Let’s start!

To navigate to the slide master view, click on the “View” tab, then click “Slide Master.” It will look like this:

On the left side, you have all the templates available (without going to the Microsoft website). The default template is highlighted in that column AND appears for editing in the large window on the right. To modify ALL the templates at once, click on the TOP slide (the one above the one that is highlighted). Now you can make your format changes to fonts that will affect every template below and every slide you create. You can “permanently” change the title, add a logo, change the background, and anything else you want to appear on every slide.

Once you’ve made your changes to your slide master, go to “Normal” view and start creating your slide show.

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