Changing File Views in Windows Explorer

Today’s tip is going to help you gain more understanding of your File Folder, otherwise known as your Windows Explorer. Don’t confuse Windows Explorer for Internet Explorer!

This is a Windows Explorer window

If you need to know how old your files are, what type of graphic file you have (jpg, gif, png, or whatever), or if you want to see icons, thumbnails, etc., you can control how your files are shown. Here is one way to do that.

In this window (above) there is an icon near the upper right corner that looks like this: 

Click on the down arrow to see what your options are. It will look like this:

The first 3 icon sizes are best for viewing pictures. The “List” gives filenames. Detail view will allow you to see whatever information you require*. Tiles view will arrange your files/folders in rows and columns (below these descriptions). Content view gives icons and a few details.

The Tiles view


*  You can remove and add columns to your detail view by right clicking in the band with the column titles in them. This pops up a checklist of columns you can add. If what you want isn’t showing up, you can click on the last item in the list, “More…” You will get a huge list of fields (columns) to add, like this:

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