Don’t Hate the Clipboard!

Some people find the Microsoft Clipboard a pain in the tush when it shows up. Depending on your settings, it’ll pop up when you’ve copied a few items. It’s not a bad thing. In fact, you may even discover it to be your new friend!

Let’s say you want to send  out e-mails to several clients. For the most part, you’re saying the same thing to everyone, but to add a special touch, you want to modify portions of each one. This is a great example of a good reason to use your clipboard function.

With e-mails, you have the subject line and the body. You can’t just “select all” and paste. The two parts are completely independent. For the sake of this example, let’s imagine you have 3 very different possible contents for the body – one regarding shipping, another processing the order, and the last to say the item is on backorder. Here is what your clipboard might look like once you have copied the subject line, the three possible “bodies”, and the e-mail address.

Items 1-3 are the three different paragraphs your e-mails could      require. 1 is for if you shipped, 2 for order processed, and 3 for      backordered items.

Item 4 is the subject line.

These items may seem out of order to you, but I copied the subject line, then I copied the e-mails I wanted to use over and over. Microsoft bumps items down as it adds more.

Now you have the basic content you want. There are two ways to paste items from the clipboard:

  1. right click on the desired item and choose paste
  2. Click on the drop-down arrow next to the item and choose paste

To get to the clipboard in Office 2007and 2010 products, look for the area in the ribbon (the wide band across the screen above your document), find the “Paste” icon. The area where that is found is the “Clipboard” group (figure below). 2010 doesn’t have the Microsoft Office button in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

To find it in earlier products, go to “Edit,” and click “Office Clipboard.”

Please leave your comments! It helps me know whether this works for you or not. Oh! And subscribe to see my daily lessons!


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