Life on the Cloud (only via Internet)

You’ve seen the Windows 7 commercial where the couple is sitting in the airport. Their flight was delayed and they’re pretty bored just sitting there. The man opens his laptop and they access the TV programs they have on their PC at home. Bored no more, the wife says, “Yay Cloud!”(Here’s the link on YouTube – \”The Cloud\” Commercial Well, this is the new way to  conduct business. With all the security settings we have on sites like Paypal where you can pay for services, people are more likely to do so.

Thanks to the Web, you can now safely park your files on free, secure networks. One such network is I have used that on numerous occassions. Thanks to a program called Skype (at , I can not only talk to my clients anywhere in the world using my computer like a phone, but we can also share our screens with each other. If you and I were working on an Excel document that you needed help with, I would have you get on Skype with me (you log in on your computer, I log in on my computer) and we connect via the “call” function. I would ask you to click on “share screen” so I could guide you through what you need to do. I can’t do anything to your computer, I can only SEE what you’re doing. I’d use the same feature so you could see what I’m doing. I love this tool!! I can help you, no matter where you live!

Let me know what services you are interested in. I can help you. Why wait?

Fill in the brief form on my “About” page and we’ll get started!


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